Buddy programme – become a Buddy or Newbie!

The Buddy Programme through Uppsala Student Union and Uppsala University is looking for new Newbies and Buddies!

Buddy Programme.

The International Buddy Programme is a programme from Uppsala Student Union and Uppsala University. It is our centralised buddy matching service for all international students coming to Uppsala.

The main intention of this programme is to make sure that all new international students receive help from students at Uppsala University, both before, during and after they have settled in Uppsala.

Another positive side of the International Buddy Programme is that it gives you - both Swedish students and international students - the opportunity to meet new people and to help new students explore the city. You get the opportunity to make new friends and help them with everything that you have to discover when you move here. This can also be a great opportunity to practice languages.

About being a newbie
A newbie is the Buddy programmes definition of a new/incoming student in Uppsala. You will be put in contact with more experienced Uppsala University students who want to help you out with your arrival in Sweden. They, along with your international officer, will provide you with all the information and help you might need before, during and after your settling in Uppsala.

About being a buddy
A buddy is the Buddy programmes definition of an experienced student in Uppsala. As a buddy you help to welcome the newbies to Uppsala and introduce them to the student life. Your role would be to start up a communication line between yourself and the new student/s coming so that you can provide them that little extra help that we all need when moving to a new country.

Apply and get more information over at: www.uskar.se/buddy