Summer, sun and heat waves

The summer weather has come to Sweden! Along with sun, swimming and summer nights comes the heat.

If it is hot outside, the indoor temperature can quickly rise and to stay cool indoors there is, unfortunately, no option than trying to shut the summer out.

If you do not want to stay at home during those sunny hours, there are many good swimming areas around both Uppsala and Visby. Many are within cycling distance from our student areas, but if you want to go outside the inner city, most swimming areas can be reached by public transport.

The swimming areas are varied, and in Uppsala you will often find cliffs and jetties by our lakes. Gotland offers everything from long sandy beaches, city beaches and stone beaches. Do not forget to keep track of the municipality's information about algal blooms for Uppsala's lakes and Visby's bathing areas.

If you would rather visit a swimming facility, there are pools at Fyrishov Äventyrsbad, Gottsundabadet and Bälingebadet in Uppsala.