Nominate for the Distinguished Teaching Award 2024

Nominate your best teacher for the Uppsala University Distinguished Teaching Award and help us encourage and support skilful and inspiring teachers!

Uppsala University annually awards five prizes for outstanding contributions within education at basic level as well as advanced level.

The prizes of SEK 20 000 each will be awarded in the autumn. Four of the prizes are allocated for teachers in the following fields:

  • Theology, Humanities and Educational Sciences
  • Law and Social Sciences
  • Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Mathematics, Science and Technology

The fifth prize is awarded to pedagogical contributions within a particularly prioritised field chosen and announced annually. This prize is called The Independent Distinguished Teaching Award. The prioritised field 2024 is Education for an ever-changing professional life.

The nomination form will be open to 11 March 2024.

In May 2024 we will present the winners of the Pedagogical Awards 2024.

Categories of Nomination

Teachers who, according to one or several of the stated categories can be nominated.

1. Contributions to teaching

A recognised interest in and commitment to pedagogical development, as well as a recognised skill in teaching which involves the ability to reach excellent results through teaching.

2. Collaboration with colleagues and/or students towards pedagogical development

A recognised interest in and commitment to pedagogical development at the department in collaboration with colleagues and students.

3. Pedagogical Leadership

A clear and acknowledged ability for pedagogical leadership with a recognized interest in and commitment to advancing the development of teaching.

4. Dissemination of positive models and results from pedagogical development

A recognised interest in and commitment to the dissemination of positive examples of pedagogical development into forums outside of one’s own department/university.

Nominate to the Distinguised Teaching Award

Nominations should include a clear and specific description of how the nominee’s educational activities have developed a pedagogy that prepares students for an ever-changing professional life.

In addition to the regular nomination criteria that apply to the Distinguished Teaching Award, to qualify for this year’s theme, nominees must have engaged in educational development and/or teaching/supervision that has developed, implemented or contributed to a pedagogy that promotes:

  • connection of teaching with the world of work
  • students’ capability to evolve in a shifting professional life
  • flexibility to adapt to the development of professional life through knowledge, evidence and proven experience.

Nominate to The Independent Distinguised Teaching Award


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