FAQ: Travel

I commute between Uppsala and Stockholm. Are there any restrictions on travelling by rail?

The current recommendation is to reduce travelling as much as possible. However, keep up with the latest information from the Public Health Agency of Sweden. For travel on public transport, the general recommendations apply: if you are sick, stay home; remember to wash your hands and use hand sanitiser; sneeze and cough in the crook of your arm.

I am planning to travel abroad. What shall I do?

As from 14 March 2020, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) advises against all non-essential travel to all countries. Students are not to travel for educational reasons.

I am abroad. What shall I do?

If you are in an area where infection has been confirmed, follow the instructions of the local authorities. Register your stay abroad in order to get frequent updates from the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you are a Swedish citizen you register by the so called list of Swedes (svensklistan): https://www.swedenabroad.se/sv/svensklistan/

Download the app: UD Resklar.

If you are not a Swedish citizen please check if your MFA has a similar list and register to that.

Uppsala University is in continuous touch with students whom we know are abroad for study reasons. If you have not been contacted and have questions, contact your programme or course coordinator.

I am returning from travel abroad. What shall I do?

Since 11 March, the coronavirus disease COVID-19 has been classified as a pandemic, which means that risk areas as previously defined no longer exist. Uppsala University is therefore changing its recommendations.

If you are a student returning from travel abroad and feel any symptoms of a cold, you must not come to the University. Contact the programme or course coordinator at your department.