Health and fitness

Exercise, play sports, and keep healthy. The range of exercise, wellness activities and health services is large in your student city. Your concentration, your creativity and your memory will improve if you get moving! However, health and fitness is not only about getting in some movement throughout your day, it is also important to take care of your mental health.

Physical activity

Did you know that research has shown that exercise both can prevent and relieve mental illness? As a student at Uppsala university you have access to a great variety of sports and activities. Read more about how physical activity affects you.

If you want to train together with other students you can visit Campus 1477. They offer ball sports, both drop-in and league tournaments for student, as part of their range of training activities.

Several student nations and student unions offer different physical activities such as soccer, floorball, yoga, and running groups. Contact them to find out about what they offer!

The Student Health in Uppsala offers free group training for those who want to test and experience the positive effects of exercise. We meet on Mondays at Campus1477.

Preventive health care

At the Student Health Centre there are health educators who work with preventive activities to promote student mental health. Every semester the Student Health Services offer seminars and courses for students. At the reception in Uppsala they have a light room that you can visit.

Horse riding through Akademistallet, the university stables.
Student ice skating and falling.

Confidential counselling and health providers

Get support when you are having a tough time managing, or when you are sick. Some support is provided by the University, while some are through other providers.