3. How do I apply?

The window for Erasmus traineeship applications is open five times during the 2018–19 academic year:

  • 1–15 September
  • 1-15 November
  • 1–15 January
  • 1-15 March
  • 1-15 May

We cannot approve applications for traineeship periods that have already begun, so remember to plan and submit your application on time. An application takes around one month to handle. If you are having problems with this you can e-mail us at erasmus@uu.se to see if it is possible to solve.

The application round January 1-15 is now open closed.
Next ordinary application round March 1-15.

The application consists of the following parts:

Learning Agreement

Learning Agreement for Traineeship contains information about the traineeship, how long it lasts, and what you are expected to do and learn as a trainee. The Learning Agreement for Traineeship must be completed and signed by you, your contact person at Uppsala University and your contact person at the receiving organisation. The signed Learning Agreement must be attached to the application.

Academic Purpose Statement (APS)

You must write your APS in English if that is the working language or one of the working languages at the organisation where you will carry out your traineeship. Exception: you can write your APS in Swedish if the working language at the organisation where you will carry out the traineeship is Swedish. Your APS must not exceed 400 words and you enter it directly in a free text field in the online application. Read more about what sort of text an APS is here.

Official transcript

Attach an official transcript for all higher education studies you have taken at higher education institutions including Uppsala University.

Buddy/mentor certificate

If you have been involved in buddy/mentor/welcoming activities at Uppsala University, you can attach a certificate to confirm this (see ‘Selection’).

4. Selection process


Erasmus Student Charteris a document in which your rights and duties as an Erasmus Trainee scholarship holder are described. It is important that you have taken part of these regulations before submitting your application.