5. Before, during and after the traineeship

If your application for an Erasmus traineeship grant is approved, you need to be aware of the following steps.

The grant is paid in two instalments.

  • You will receive 70% of the grant at the start of the traineeship.
  • You will receive 30% of the grant at the end of the traineeship, when you have completed the three steps described under the heading ‘After the traineeship’ below.

Before the traineeship

  1. Take your first language test (the test will be sent to your email address while the application is being processed).
  2. Sign a Grant Agreement (the form will be sent to you by email).
  3. Take part in a pre-departure meeting. An invitation to this will be sent with the approval notification.

During the traineeship

If anything happens during the traineeship that changes the period or focus of the traineeship, you must inform us by sending the form Changes to Learning Agreement.

If an emergency arises during your traineeship, please contact Falck Global Assistance in the first instance.

After the traineeship

  1. Fill in the Erasmus Participant Survey. The form will be sent to your email address after the traineeship.
  2. Fill in the Traineeship Certificate and submit to
  3. Take your second language test. The test will be sent to your email address at the end of the traineeship.
  4. Fill in the evaluation form provided by the International Office online via Moveon and write a short report on your traineeship. (Note that this step is currently under construction and not in use yet.)

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