Frequently asked questions about Erasmus traineeship

Who is my contact person?
The person responsible for your traineeship at Uppsala University is your contact person. It can be your study counsellor or traineeship/degree project supervisor. That person is your contact when you have questions about the traineeship itself, e.g. about the contents of the traineeship, insurance issues or prolonging your stay. If you participate in an Erasmus Traineeship outside your ordinary studies, you will have no contact person at Uppsala University. You are thus expected to take on a bigger responsibility. You will still be insured by Uppsala University. Questions about the scholarship itself should be sent to the Erasmus administrator at the International Office:

Can I prolong my traineeship period?
The traineeship grant can be awarded to you for a maximum of twelve months per study cycle. If the traineeship period was initially shorter than twelve months, it can be extended provided that it is approved by your contact person at Uppsala University and your traineeship hosts. To extend your scholarship please contact

What happens if I shorten my study period or return to Sweden earlier than planned?
If the actual study period is shorter than the period you specified in your scholarship application you will be liable to pay back the excess part of the scholarship. This will be calculated when you hand in the Traineeship Certificate that your host company/organisation/university has to sign at the end of the study period. If you leave your traineeship before the minimum two months have passed you will be required to return the full scholarship. Contact us at if this is the case.

What is meant by study period?
The study period is the time when you are working at the host company/organisation/university in the host country. Distance work or vacation/holiday cannot be included in the study period. Christmas holidays or other shorter periods of holidays where all employees of the organisation/enterprise are off are okay to include if you will return to work after the holiday.

When will I get my money?
As long as you have submitted a complete and correct scholarship application the first instalment will be paid to your bank account around the start of your traineeship period. It is not possible to give an exact date when you will receive the money since it takes different amounts of time to transfer between different banks.

Is it possible to participate in Erasmus more than once?
The number of traineeship grants is limited and persons who have never participated in a traineeship before will be prioritised. However, if there is funding left you may go multiple times (each period 2-12 months). Erasmus Traineeship and Erasmus Exchange Studies combined cannot exceed 12 months per study cycle (Bachelor's, Master's and PhD). If you have participated in Erasmus previously, through Uppsala University or any other European University, this is counted towards the 12 months.