Step 1 - Grant application for Erasmus Studies

Application dates

  • For studies beginning in the autumn: 1 May – 31 May
  • For studies beginning in the spring: 1 November – 30 November

The application consists of:

  1. An electronic application form to be completed directly in MoveON.
  2. Grant Agreement (completed, signed and scanned) to be uploaded directly to the application form in MoveON.

The application period for the Erasmus grant for studies is open twice per year:

1-31 May (for studies starting the following Autumn semester)
1-30 November (for studies starting the following Spring semester)

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National University of Ireland, Galway. Photo: Elina Edenhag

Step 1 - Application
Step 2 - Before Erasmus
Step 3 - During Erasmus
Step 4 - After Erasmus
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