Step 4 - After Erasmus studies

To receive your final grant payment, you need to:

  1. Upload the Certificate of Attendance and your complete Learning Agreement (with any changes) to your profile at MoveON.
  2. Fill in the Erasmus Participant Survey. It will be emailed to you after the last day of your studies.
  3. Take your second language test. It will be automatically emailed to you after you complete the Erasmus exchange programme. (Note that if you receive a C2 on your first test, you do not need to take the second test).
  4. Report in accordance with the requirements and guidelines of your department or the International Office. Sometimes outbound students will be asked to write an exchange report/travel blog or similar, which will be used to inspire and inform others.

If your actual study period ends up different than what you anticipated in your grant application, your grant will be recalculated. Should the actual study period be less than what was anticipated in the application, the difference will be withdrawn from the final payment of 30%. Should the study period be longer than anticipated in the application, you will receive the 30% plus an additional 100% for the value of the added days.

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Step 2 - Before Erasmus
Step 3 - During Erasmus
Step 4 - After Erasmus
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