Exchange studies

Uppsala University has exchange agreements with universities located in Europe, Middle East, North America, South America , South Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zeeland.

An exchange agreement allows Uppsala University and a partner university to exchange students with each other and thus the hosting university does not charge tuition fees. You will pay the applicable tuition fees to your home university, Uppsala University, instead. It is possible to go for an exchange for one or two semesters. Some agreements are covered by the scholarship programs Erasmus+, Eramus+ ICM or Nordplus. More about that is covered in Step 5 – “Additional Practical Information” in this guide.

An exchange agreement can be signed at two different levels at Uppsala University. If the agreement covers a single subject the agreement is administered by the relevant department. If the agreement covers a multitude of subjects it is considered to be a university wide agreement and is administered by the Division for Internationalisation.

The application for exchange studies starting in spring 2021 is now closed. Please read the call for application to see which universities were available.

Different exchange studies possibilities

When considering applying for an exchange it is important to stay in contact with the study counsellor at the department responsible for your educational program. They can provide guidance in your selection of hosting universities and what types of courses to look for.

These pages will provide information for students wishing to apply for an exchange through the university wide agreements administered by the Division for Internationalisation. The agreements administered by the departments may have other application procedures so make sure you turn to your department for more information about their procedures. However, information posted under Step 5 and 6 may still be of relevance to all exchange students regardless if you are using a general university-wide agreement or departmental agreement.

Now you are ready to start your application for an academic exchange! Please read through Step 1-6 of the guide below.