Step 3 – When and how do I apply?


For an exchange commencing Autumn semester 2020:
Where can I study? 
The October-November round focuses on applications for Asian, European, Middle Eastern and North American partner universities. There may be a few universities available  to other regions.
When do I apply? 22 October-22 November 2019.

For an exchange commencing Spring semester 2021: 
Where can I study?
The April-May round focuses on applications for Oceania and Latin America. There may be a few universities available  to other regions.
When do I apply? 15 April-15 Maj 2020. 


An online application consists of the following parts. The * marked ones are mandatory:

  1. University selection
    You may apply for up to six universities in the online application. A list of available universities will be published when the application opens. By choosing several universities, you have a greater chance of being offered an exchange place. Please only apply to universities that you really can consider attending.
    List of available universities in the current application round May 2020
  2. Course proposal for each university you intend to apply for. 
    You are required to submit a list of suggested courses in your application for exchange studies in order show that you have done research on your selection of universities. This is required to avoid a situation where students are selected to universities that do not have the subjects they would like to study. However, the Division for Internationalisation at Uppsala University cannot guarantee that the courses you have suggested in your application for exchange studies will be available to you should you be selected to go on exchange. The final selection of courses is made together with your host university. Please observe that at some of our partner universities the final selection of courses is done during the first week of each semester and students may not have guaranteed seats in specific courses before leaving Sweden. How the process of selecting courses works is usually described on our partner universities websites for exchange students. You may also find previous students' study reports useful in this regard.
  3. Academic Purpose Statement (APS)
    The APS shall be written in the language of instruction you intend to conduct your studies. If you are applying for universities with instructions taught in different languages you need to upload one APS per language.
    Your APS may contain no more than 600 words and is evaluated on how well you´ve motivated and reasoned regarding the following:

    "Please motivate your choice of country, university and courses in order to indicate a desired development of academic and personal skills relevant to your education and future career plans".

    APS template
    Read more about the APS. 
  4. Grade reporting
    If you have a completed Bachelor’s degree from an institute outside of Sweden, there is a question in the application that you need to answer “yes” to. If you applied to UU through, we will evaluate your top grades from that system.
  5. Transcript of Records 
    Transcripts of records for all attended Swedish universities and colleges as well as transcripts of records for your Bachelor's degree. You may download this from the Student Portal or contact your department. You may also contact the Studentservice on
  6. Certificate of Registration showing that you are enrolled for fulltime studies i.e. 30 credits at Uppsala University at the time of the application. You may download it from the Studentportal or contact your department. You may also contact the Studentservice on
  7.  Test scores from language tests (if applicable).
  8. Certificates showing involvement in a buddy programme/welcome activities at Uppsala University (if applicable)  +0,1 points will be rewarded.
  9. Certificate of being a student representative in certain central committees and councils, faculty boards or disciplinary domains or having one of the selected nation posts is rewarded with + 0,2 points in the application. 
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