Step 4 - How is the selection process done and what happens after I submit my application?

How is the selection process done?

The selection process is based on two components:

1. Grades (50 %)
All your credits from courses taken at Swedish universities are added together. However, the evaluation is not based on your total amount of credits, but rather on the number of credits from courses in which you have achieved the highest grade. The applicants’ grades are then ranked via a normal distribution bell curve:

•  16% of the applicants with the least number of credits with the highest grades receives 1    point
• 34% of the applicants with the second least number of credits with the highest grades receives 2 points
• 34% of the applicants with the second highest number of credits with the highest grades receives 3 points
• 16% of the applicants with the highest number of credits with the highest grades receives 4 points

If the total amount of grades differ from the normal distribution bell curve, adjusted percentage rates may be applied.

Applicants who are only able to receive a pass or fail on a majority of their courses will have the score on their Academic Purpose Statement doubled instead.

Foreign degrees, for example a Bachelor’s degree, will be examined using the same criteria, as long as the transcripts have previously been uploaded at before the application deadline.

2. Academic Purpose Statement, APS (50 %)
Your APS is evaluated and ranked based on how well you motivate: your choice of country, university and courses in order to indicate a desired development of academic and personal skills relevant to your education and future career plans.

APS points are awarded accordingly:
• 1 point: Submitted, but not approved due to subpar quality
• 2 points: Poorly motivated with no clear academic and professional relevance
• 3 points: Well-motivated with a clear academic and professional relevance
• 4 points: Exceptionally well-motivated with a strong academic and professional relevance

Further criteria will also affect the selection:
1. Applicants who are studying an underrepresented field at Uppsala University at the time of the application will receive  an additional +0.1 points

2. Applicants who are, or have been a buddy or mentor, or have participated in a welcoming programme and have uploaded certificates of that will receive an additional +0.1 points

3. Applicants with valid certificates of being a student representative in certain committees and councils, faculty boards or disciplinary domains, or has held a position in a nation, is rewarded with + 0.2 points in the application.
Autumn 2018
Spring 2018
Autumn 2017

4. In some cases, an applicant will receive minus points. This refers to those who have already been on an exchange before, or those who previously received a nomination, but then changed their mind before going abroad. Those applicants will have -0.1 points deducted from their final score

In the event of two or more applicants receiving an equal amount of points, one of the following methods will be used to determine the final selection:
• Interviews
• Drawing lots


Being offered a seat means that you are offered a nomination which is required to apply for exchange studies at a partner university. The distribution of seats is typically done in three steps.
1. Those applicants that are eligible for any of their selected universities will receive an offer to accept or decline their nomination within a certain time-frame.

Please note that it’s not possible to “hold” your nomination while you wait for the second round of selections. If you withdraw your nomination after the final deadline, the consequence will be that we can’t replace your seat with another student, which also means that our partner university can’t send us as many students as they should be able to do. Because of that, it’s very important that you are certain you will go abroad once you accept your nomination.

Once you have accepted your nomination you will no longer be eligible for any other nominations in this application round.

2. Seats that applicants have declined to accept will be returned to those applicants who didn’t receive an offer in the first selection round. The second round of selection is the “reserve” seats. Once these applicants have accepted or declined their nominations, a final third selection will be conducted, granted there are any seats left to distribute.

3. If you indicated in your application that you are willing to accept other universities than the six you are able to apply for, you might receive an offer to a university unrelated to your original selection.

Please note that if you didn’t apply for exchange studies in the application round October 22 – November 22, you will not be eligible for a reserve seat either. Those eligible for a reserve seat are those who applied but didn’t receive any offer in the first selection round.


  • 2 – 3 days after the deadline you will receive a confirmation email that we have received your application. If you haven’t received this email make sure you check your spam folder as well. If you still haven’t received it, please contact
  • If we have any questions about your application we will contact you 1 – 2 weeks after the deadline via email or telephone. Please make sure to check your email regularly and answer your phone during this period.
  • The selection process takes around 3 – 4 weeks after the application has closed. We will inform all applicants via email. If you are offered a seat have to accept it within the given time-frame. Failing to do so will cause you to lose your seat. No answer is regarded as the answer no.
  • After you have accepted your seat, we will contact the partner university and inform them who our nominees are, and then help you with the application process.