Step 5 - Additional practical information


Fee paying Bachelor's or Master's student
As a fee paying Bachelor's or Master's student at Uppsala University, you need to pay your tuition fees to Uppsala University even during your exchange. It is important that the courses you study abroad are courses you will be able to transfer into your program at Uppsala University. Please keep in contact with your study counsellor or the person responsible for your program in order to find suitable courses before and during your exchange.

Erasmus+ Grants
Exchanges to most of our European partner universities qualifies students to an Erasmus grant. Read more about the Erasmus+ program.

Nordplus Grants
Exchanges to our Nordic partner universities  qualifies students to receive a grant covered within the Nordplus program. Check with the Division for Internationalisation for more information.

Erasmus+ ICM Grants
Through the International Credit Mobility (ICM) Grant program, students at Uppsala University can receive a grant for completing an exchange (1 semester) at selected ICM partner universities. The International Credit Mobility (ICM) grant includes a travel allowance and monthly grant from 650 Euro.

Other scholarships
Check for other scholarship opportunities that are administered by the Student Office. Also check available scholarships with the student unions and student nations.

Students with disabilities
If you have any form of disability you can receive study support and qualify for extra Erasmus+ grant throughout your exchange. On the website Study abroad without limits students share their experiences.

Language Courses

Many of our partners offer intensive language courses before or during the semester. Even if you intend to study in English in a country where the native language is something other than English it may be possible to take an additional language course in the native language of the hosting country. Some of these courses may also be transferred to your credits to Uppsala University upon your return. All transfer of credit requests are handled by the Graduation Office.


During your exchange you are covered by an insurance provided by Kammarkollegiet. The insurance is valid in the hosting country two weeks ahead of the start of your studies and will terminate two weeks after the end of your studies. Make sure you read the insurance policy called Student UT.

Even though you are covered by this insurance some universities may require you to purchase another local insurance.

Students who are EU citizens going on exchange to another EU partner should also obtain a European Health Insurance Card before departure.


Some universities will guarantee housing for exchange students, others will provide assistance. Check information provided by each partner about the accommodation services.
Exchange reports from previous students can also be useful.


Contact the embassy of the country where you have been selected to go for their Visa regulations. Visa requirements may vary depending on your nationality. Make sure to contact the embassy immediately after receiving your admission letter from the hosting university.


Make sure to check what vaccinations are recommended for the country you are going to. Contact a vaccination provider to check if you need any additional vaccines.

Medical Certificates

Some universities require you to have a medical examination in order to be accepted. Some will also ask for a chest x-ray. You will be notified of this requirement should you be accepted to a university that requires these certificates.