Step 6 – What happens after the exchange?


If you have received Swedish Study Support from CSN it is important that you report your results to CSN. It may not always be the official transcripts but could also be an official print out from an online student system similar to Uppsala University’s Studentportalen. If you continue to take additional support from CSN after your return you should have reported the results from your exchange within four weeks of the start of the new semester in order to avoid losing any funding.


After finishing your exchange, you can apply for credit transfer to Uppsala University. All matters of credit transfer is handled by the Graduation Office except for credit transfer of units within the departments of Economics, Political Science and Law.

For any credit transfer it is necessary to keep documentation about units such as course outlines, literature lists, credits, level of study etc.


Your experience as an exchange student is invaluable to incoming students to Uppsala University. It is also a way for you to continue to benefit from your experience once back in Uppsala. Contact the Uppsala Student Union to inform them of your interest to be a buddy for incoming exchange students.

The following information is only relevant for students who went on an exchange through the International Office


It’s important to us and to prospective exchange students that you share your experiences from your time abroad and about the guidance you received from the International Office. All students going on an exchange through the International Office are expected to provide a report and to complete the evaluation form upon completion of the exchange. The evaluation and the exchange report are open between December 8, 2017 and March 31, 2018.

While you were on exchange we have changed the application and reporting system (MoveON) so that it uses UU’s student login. To be able to submit your exchange report you will need to do the following:

  1. Log in here

  2. When you have done that, send an email to with your username. Your username is the same one that you use to log in to the Student Portal. For example magr4329.

  3. You will receive a confirmation email from that the configuration of the database is complete.

  4. Now you can log in and begin to write your exchange report and evaluation.

It is easiest to write your exchange report in Word and paste the text into the online form – you can begin writing your exchange report right now while the database is configured.


Transcripts are sometimes sent by the partner university directly to Uppsala University. This may take a few months, however, so if possible, make a request to the host university to also send you an original as soon as your results are available. Should our partner university send your transcript to the International Office at Uppsala University we will contact you as soon as they arrive. Once you have been contacted you have six months to pick your transcripts up before we dispose of them.