Step 4 - How does the selection work?

The selection is based on four criteria

1. Grades 1-4 poäng

Total number of completed university credits. Count all your completed university credits where a passing grade or higher was obtained.

  • 16% of the applicants with the least number of credits receives 1 point.*
  • 34% of the applicants with the second least number of credits receives 2 points.*
  • 34% of the applicants with the second highest number of credits receives 3 points.*
  • 16% of the applicants with the highest number of credits receives 4 point.*

*If the applicants differ from a normal distribution bell curve adjusted percentage rates may be applied.

2. Academic Purpose Statement (APS) 1-4 poäng

The score on your APS is based on how well you have motivated your selection of countries, universities, courses and their impact on your future studies and career.

Points are awarded accordingly

  • 1 point – APS is submitted but carries very little relevance for exchange studies
  • 2 points – Purpose is weak and/or deficient
  • 3 points – Purpose is clear and carries some academic/professional merit
  • 4. Points – Exceptionally well motivated purpose with strong academic/professional relevance.

3. Student engagement

Additional credits is awarded / deducted in the following circumstances.

Students who have submitted certificates indicating their participation in welcoming programs for new students receive + 0,1 points.

NEW! Starting with the application round in October/November 2017, students with valid certificates of being a student representative in certain central committees and councils,  faculty boards or disciplinary domains or has had one of the selected nation posts is rewarded with + 0,2 points in the application. Please read the decision and see the full list here.

4. In case of equal score one of the following methods will be used to determine the selection:

  • Interviews
  • Lottery

Step 5 - Before, during and after