Support for all students

The University offers different types of support to you as a student. Some of the support services are available to all students. Other support services must be applied for, and are only granted to students with very specific needs such as those who have a long-term disability. Below you can read about the support available to all students who study at Uppsala University.

Reading Studio

Do you need handouts and articles converted to audio files? Get in touch with the Reading Studio at Campus Blåsenhus. There are two computer stations at the Reading Studio with various programs and functions for people with reading impairments.


As a student at Uppsala University you can download the speech software TorTalk. TorTalk is an easy to use reading tool that can read out e-books, locked PDF files and text in scanned images. The program is specifically designed for people with dyslexia, but can be used by anyone who wants a simple reading tool.

Email the disability coordinators for more information about how to install the program. 

Spelling support

As a student at Uppsala University you have the opportunity to download spelling programs:

Stava Rex is a program that corrects spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in Swedish text. Stava Rex is specially designed for people with dyslexia and reading and writing difficulties, but it can also be used for everyone who would like help with their spelling.

SpellRight is an English spelling program. It corrects English spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It is designed for those who write in English as their second language as well as people with reading and writing difficulties. However, like Stava Rex, this program is useful for everyone who requires help with their spelling.

You can find information about how to download these programs by logging into the Student Portal.

Language support

The Language Workshop offers all students at the university guidance in written and oral presentations in both English and Swedish. If you have reading and writing difficulties or dyslexia, the Language Workshop can provide you with assistance customised to your needs.

The Language Workshop in Uppsala
The Language Workshop at Campus Gotland

Hearing loops

The majority of the university's auditoriums and lecture halls are equipped with hearing loops. There are also small portable, wireless hearing loops that can be borrowed from the main reception at each campus area. They can be used in any group or seminar room which is not equipped with permanent hearing loops.

Campus accessibility

There is a building manager at every campus whom you can contact if you would like more specific information about the physical accessibility of the campus premises. A number of Uppsala University's departments are located in older buildings, where accessibility may be limited.

The Student Health Service

The Student Health Service offers services to students with study-related health care issues. This includes providing information, individual counselling, and various courses.

The Student Health Service in Uppsala
The Student Health Service in Visby

Resting rooms

On many campuses there is access to resting rooms. Contact the reception at your campus.

Support need to be applied for

Above mentioned, such support is available to all students. If you have a long-term disability that affects your studies, you can apply for targeted study support, such as an interpreter or adapted course literature.

See what kinds of support that are offered and which you need to apply for.