Groups and seminars

Do you have a tendency to procrastinate? Are you new in Sweden, are you going to study abroad? Do you feel stressed by expectations, deadlines, and a high workload? Are you critical of yourself or have irrational thoughts that influence your emotions? We give you tools to improve your situation and find a better balance in life.

All of our groups and seminars are free and developed based on the kind of help the students most often request when they contact us. 

  • Do it now! Spring 2020 offered online via Zoom.
  • Brief seminars - Note some seminars will be available to watch online. Preliminary planning includes offering these seminars in the autumn term. 

All courses are free of charge. A course can be cancelled if there are to few registered. 
Courses in Swedish on our Swedish web page.  

Coping with Corona - Making the best of it

There are many things we can’t affect in these uncertain times, but there is a lot that we can do. Do you want to discuss the circumstances of covid-19 with international peers? With distance learning and “working from home” it can be a challenge to manage one’s time and to separate different aspects of life. Are you interested in how to make the best of this situation?

Please join us to hear a short introduction with plenty of time for peer discussion. There will be a maximum of 12 participants and if the interest is great, we will try to hold additional opportunities. We extend a warm welcome!

When: 18th of May, 10:00-11:00
Where: digital Zoom meeting
How: You will receive a link to the Zoom meeting after you have registered via email to Sign-up NOW through the 14th of May.

Do it now! Stop procrastinating

Do you have trouble organising your studies, a hard time getting started, or a tendency to put off tasks? If so, then this “Do it now!” group is for you. The purpose of the group is, with support of one another, to get going with your studies and create new and improved study habits. 

The group meets weekly online, Mondays at 15:15-16:45. If you are interested in participating, please e-mail us and we will contact you with more information.

Note! The group has a continuous intake, which means that you may be placed in line and start when there is a vacancy.

When: Mondays, 15:15-16:45. Ongoing, last session 25 May..  
Where: Online via Zoom.
Registration: Email

Brief seminars & group discussions: 5 topics

Life as a student is not always easy and it can be lonely even though you are surrounded by many other students. Come to our brief seminars, engage in group discussions and enjoy the benefits of sharing with peers. You will get the opportunity to meet others with similar concerns and get some answers and tips. You will also receive information, worksheets and book & app tips.

Although this is not a therapy group, we hope to create a respectful atmosphere where we can share and discuss with the expectation that what is said in the group, stays in the group. You are welcome to sign up for whichever seminar is of interest. At the same time, we encourage you to attend all of them to help create a supportive group. There is an 18 person limit per seminar, so there may be a queue.

Note! Some seminars will be available to watch online! 


  • Cultural adjustment 
    Do you study with students from different cultures? Are you new in Sweden? Maybe you are going to study abroad. 
  • Self-care, sleep and exercise 
    Do you need encouragement to take better care of yourself or perhaps help with sleep issues?
  • Stress management 
    Do you feel stressed by expectations, deadlines, and a high workload?
  • Relaxation and mindfulness
    Do you want some tools for relaxation and for living in the now?
  • Self-compassion and cognitive distortions
    Are you critical of yourself or have irrational thoughts that influence your emotions?

Questions: Email the receptionen at the Student health Service and you will be contacted.