Do it now! Uppsala

  • Date: 7 February 2024, 15:15–16:30
  • Location: Student Health Service, Övre Slottsgatan 7, Uppsala
  • Type: Health and exercise, Workshop
  • Lecturer: Student Health Service
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  • Organiser: Student Health Service
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Do you have trouble organising your studies, a hard time getting started, or a tendency to put off tasks? If so, then the Do It Now! group is for you.

This group is for you who procrastinate. The purpose of the group is to get going with your studies and create new and improved study habits. The group meets weekly. You can join the group at any time during the semester but you have to let us know in advance, by sending an e-mail to

The group’s approach offers a solution to some of the difficulties of procrastination as it establishes external control, intermediate study goals, and rewards good study habits by trying to imitate a normal work environment where your work pace is checked and assessed by others. You will receive help with getting started with your studies and establishing effective routines. This could affect your study motivation in a positive way, helping you break the cycle of procrastination.

The model for “Do It Now” was taken from Leiden University in the Netherlands, which has used it for many years with positive results. The model is based on the participants being involved in, and responsible for, each other’s progress. The group provides study support, not group therapy.

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