Groups and lectures

We offer lectures, seminars and student groups with one or more sessions.

Welcome to join our lunch lectures in English. Listen to our staff talk about common subjects related to student life. All lectures are given via Zoom and no sign-up is necessary. Lectures are given at 12:30–13:00.

  • Get things done! - stop procrastinating (21 February)
  • Stress and sustainable student life (28 February)
  • Manage thoughts and feelings (28 March)

Groups are given in Uppsala, in Visby or online. Read more information in our calendar.

Do it now!

Do you have trouble organising your studies, a hard time getting started, or a tendency to put off tasks? If so, then the Do It Now! group is for you.

Do it now! Uppsala

Do it now!! Campus Gotland

Dare to speak (Uppsala)

This course is cancelled and will be replaced with a lecture about speech anxiety 21 March.

This course will give you exposure in speaking in front of others and practice using strategies with a group of students with similar difficulties. This can help you to gain confidence and increase your comfort and capabilities.

Register by sendin an e-mail to between 1–26 February.

Read more about the group Dare to speak

Meet, greet, and fika (Uppsala)

Come and sit down for a while, meet, greet, fika, and find new friends! The Student Health Services, together with Uppsala University Chaplaincy, invites international students to Meet, greet, and fika!

Every other Friday at 13:00–14:30: 16 February, 1 March, 15 March, 12 April, 26 April.

Location: Student Health Service, Övre Slottsgatan 7.

Read more about Meet, greet, and fika

Train with the Student Health Service and Campus1477

On Mondays you are welcome to try out different kind of group training together with the Student Health Service and Campus 1477.

Mondays at 15:30–16:30, drop in.

See all training sessions in the calendar

Slow runners - Campus Gotland

Do you want to try running? Or are you a seasoned runner, albeit rather slow? Join our running group at Campus Gotland!

Tuesdays at 11:30–12:30, drop in.

Note. Slow runners is on break, and will be back 9 April 2024.

Se all dates for Slow runners

Lunch walks with the Student Health Service Campus Gotland

Join us for a lunch walk! We will walk for about 20 minutes and you will get the opportunity to meet other students while getting exercise, daylight and fresh air.

Tuesdays at 12:30–12:50, drop in.
Starting April 23.

See all dates for Lunch walks


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