Ancient Near East: History

7.5 credits

Course, Bachelor's level, 5AS105

Spring 2024 Spring 2024, Uppsala, 50%, On-campus, The course will be taught in English, if needed

Spring 2025 Spring 2025, Uppsala, 50%, On-campus, The course will be taught in English, if needed

About the course

This course builds on the broad knowledge you have already acquired through the course on the Ancient Near East: Introduction. Its starting point is in late prehistory when writing systems were developed in the region.

The structure is mainly chronological. We look at changes in the composition of the population, migration patterns and constant shifts in the balance of power between major state formations in the region. The main features of historical developments over the course of 3000 years covered by the course are documented with the help of clay tablets, and private and official inscriptions with cuneiform from public or private archives and central places. Views to the north, west and east give you a better understanding of some of the changes that take place over time, both in terms of local features and more regionally influenced conditions.

Against this background, you will gain a far better understanding of how the ancient cultures of the Near East were connected through mutual exchange of a peaceful or less peaceful kind, up to the time a few hundred years before the turn of our era, when the region was subjugated to empires from outside.