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David, student.

Meet a student on the programme

Name: David Sörme
From: Stockholm, Sweden

There are dedicated and ambitious researchers and very much alive research, which tend to colour the courses. I feel that there is a genuine desire to develop and improve.

How did you choose your programme?
– In some form, I want to work with energy solutions for a long-term sustainable society. I'm not sure in what form it will ultimately be; a continuation in academia, work in the business world, or within the framework of some public body. My goal with this program is to give myself as solid a foundation as possible, upon which I can build, depending on the direction I want to take. Physics deals with the most fundamental aspects, so what better way to build a solid foundation?

What is the best thing about studying at Uppsala University?
– For starters, Uppsala is a great city to live in. There is a lot of nice nature nearby, e.g., the nature reserve Hågadalen-Nåsten, which is a reason to live in Uppsala in itself. Furthermore, Ångström is a great research and education centre. In the building, there are dedicated and ambitious researchers and very much alive research, which also tend to colour the courses. I feel that there is a genuine desire to develop and improve. In addition, there are many opportunities to take part in research outside your own area, in the form of e.g., open lectures, which is very fun.

What’s the most challenging, and how do you face it?
– Sometimes the workload is heavy and there is not always enough time. There is a lot I want to do in addition to my studies. At such times, I try to keep some distance from the work I have to do. Of course, I must pass exams and assignments, but I must also feel good. Sometimes the best thing to do might be to leave the studies behind in favour of other things, such as exercise and socialising. A retake exam might be the best option sometimes, and if so, I believe that's how it should be. I try not to put so much prestige in that my studies always must go perfectly. Other important things in life must be given their time as well.

Describe the student life
– The student life has a lot to offer. I have friends and acquaintances who sing in nation choirs, are involved in nation kitchens, organise cultural and sports events, queue all night to get tickets for releases, etc. However, a highlight of mine that I would like to shed some light on is the Uppland nation's jazz evenings. What a house band!

Three quick questions:
What is your favourite place in Uppsala/Visby?
– I’ll give you three; Hågadalen, the Botanical Garden and the City Library.

What is the best student tradition at Uppsala University?
– Every Thursday, Snerikes nation serves pea soup and pancakes (Swedish tradition on Thursdays). If you come in a tailcoat or long dress, you get lunch for free. Student traditions are great.

Where is the best place to study?
– For me it's home, but I know that many people are not like that. The Carolina Rediviva University Library is a great place to study, as is the glass entrance and the English Park (humanities campus) library. The city library is also great. If you want to work with others, there are many good places at Ångström, and if you want to sit alone, the quiet room in building nine is good (but not so charming).

Spring 2023.