Alumni associations

The university's alumni network includes a number of alumni associations connected to an academic area, university faculty or department, or programme. These are the associations that communicate with their members in English:

Master Programme in Religion in Peace and Conflict alumni
The alumni association is open to all former and current students of the master's degree program in Religion in Peace and Conflict. The association aims to promote contact between students and to forge links between current and former students. Read more on the association's website

The DPCR Alumni Association
The association works to maintain contact between former students and the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, and provide fora through which alumni from various classes can interact. Membership is free of charge and open to all current and former students as well as to employees of the department. Read more on the assiciation's website.

The DPCR-ITP Alumni Network
This is an Alumni Network for the participants of International Training Programmes (ITPs) organized by the Department of Peace and Conflict Research. The aim of the Network is strengthening and fostering the contacts and network within the field of peace and conflict between former and current ITP’s of the Department. Read more on the association's website.

The Hugo Valentin Centre Alumni Network
Read more on the association's website

Master of Science in Medicine
Open for students and alumni from the Master's programmes at the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy. 

Alumni are also welcome to join the associations listed below. Please note however that they communicate with their members primarily in Swedish.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Science and Technology

Medicine and Pharmacy

University-wide associations

  • Uppsala universitets Campus Gotland Alumnförening

Last modified: 2022-02-09