Apple days in the city

  • Date:
  • Location: Botaniska trädgården The Botanical Garden, The Orangery, Villavägen 6
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  • Organiser: Uppsala linneanska trädgårdar
  • Contact person: Lotta S Saetre
  • Temadag, Utställning, Kulturevenemang

Did you know that over 200 varieties of apples are grown in Sweden? Get to know a good quarter of them at the apple exhibition in Linneanum. Find out which apples you have in your garden.

This year, our apple days event moves from Linnaeus' Hammarby into the city. Have the variety of your own apples determined or bring a bag of apples and have them juiced. Pop-up shop with an apple theme.

Apple exhibition, variety determination and juicing.

Get to know your local apple varieties – exhibition with common apples as well as some unusual varieties. Have the variety of your own apples determined (12:00-16:00). For variety determination, bring five apples per variety (in good condition). Fee 10 SEK per variety.

Bring apples and have them juiced! Ten kilos of apples will give five liters of juice. All apples can be juiced – but dark, badly damaged and rotten apples should be excluded. Fee 99 SEK per each bag-in-box (3 liters, pasteurized) or 30 SEK per liter juice in your own container (unpasteurized).