Holocaust Remembrance Day at Almedalsbiblioteket

  • Date: –20:15
  • Location: Campus Gotland Almedal library, the foyer
  • Organiser: Biblioteken på Gotland, Länsstyrelsen Gotlands län, Region Gotland, Rädda Barnen, Svenska Röda Korset samt Uppsala universitet
  • Contact person: Caroline Asserlund
  • Temadag

On January 27, people all over the world gather in an annual manifestation. This marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day – the same date the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated in 1945.

The day is celebrated in the foyer of Almedalsbiblioteket with talks and lectures with Lena Einhorn and Elin Taikon, music by Natalia Popova and Polina Pohozha, distribution of the Emerich Prize and speeches by County Governor Anders Flanking and regional board member Filip Reinhag.

P R O G R A M M E:

- Introduction
- Music - Natalia Popova, flute and Polina Pohzha, piano.
- Speech by County Governor Anders Flanking (in Swedish)
- Lecture and conversation with Lena Einhorn, writer and director (in Swedish)
- Fruit break.
- Music - Natalia Popova, flute and Polina Pohzha, piano
- Lecture with Elin Taikon, former Emerich Prize winner (in Swedish)
- Award of the Emerich Prize
- Final speech by Filip Reinhag, Region Gotland (in Swedish).

Free entrance.

The event on Facebook.

More information on the Holocaust Rembrance Day on the Living History Forum's website.