AI4Research open seminar

  • Date: –14:00
  • Location: Tidskriftsläsesalen Carolina Redivia
  • Lecturer: Johan Svensson, CTO Imint AB, Uppsala
  • Website
  • Organiser: AI4Research
  • Contact person: Cecilia Alsmark
  • Phone: 0737078418
  • Seminarium

AI capabilities in consumer devices

In this talk, we will discuss the increasing capabilities of hardware accelerated artificial intelligence (AI) in consumer devices such as smartphones and wearables, and how this technology is likely to evolve in the future. Some challenges and ethical considerations that arise with the use of AI in consumer devices are highlighted and we discuss if edge computing can be a partial solution to that?

 We will also touch upon strategies and best practices for collaborating with large OEMs in the development and deployment of AI-powered consumer devices.