Spring bike trip above the Zürisee - UUSAC

  • Date: –14:00
  • Location: Train station Einsiedeln
  • Organiser: UUSAC
  • Contact person: Krister M.
  • Sport/idrott

The region next to Zürisee, above Horgen, Au and Wädenswil is the closest countryside there is from Zürich. There, you certainly have a feeling of being “above” the lake, with a great view and tranquillity. Not too many bike this tour, although it is less busy than biking along the Zürisee shore.

We will go in pleasant pace, perhaps making some stops as we choose. Since we start in Einsiedeln, the tour will mainly go downhill, we will pass the Etzel but not ascend. After having enjoyed a lunch or snack, we will bike downhill to Wädenswil where those who want can finish the tour with a swim in Lake Zürich.

The tour can be done in two hours, but we’ll take it really easy, perhaps needing 4 hours.

Max number of participants: 15

Distance, height meters: 40 km, +150m, -600m (approximately)

Transport: We will start biking from the train station Einsiedeln at 09:10. The tour will finish in Wädenswil train stop about 14:00. Please note that for those of you going by train, you need to buy a bike day pass for CHF14. Also note that the train wagons have indicated places for bikes.

Equipment: Bike. Backpack with sun protection, water, snacks, money for coffee or lunch. An extra jacket, swimming trunks could also come to use. Repair set for flat tire could be useful.

Renting bike: If you don’t have a bike, you can rent at for example Rentabike or Velostation. (I have never rented a bike myself, so I cannot recommend any rental.)

Registration: By mail to me, Krister at sgkrister@yahoo.se latest 27th May. (Mobile 0774741071). 

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