Uppsala University Switzerland Alumni Chapter

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The Uppsala University Switzerland Alumni Chapter represents the Uppsala University Alumni Network in Switzerland and in our neighbouring country Liechtenstein. The chapter was founded in Zurich in 2017 with the goal of building relationships between Uppsala University and the alumni residing in Switzerland, with the later addition of Liechtenstein.

An Uppsala University Alumni Chapter is a network of former students and a meeting place for career development and professional contacts. The alumni network is open to former students and employees at Uppsala University. Also our honorary doctors, guest scientists and board members are welcome to the network. 


The chapter will organise a number of events every year, mainly taking place in the larger cities of Switzerland. The venues and types of events will vary, but will include apéros, dinners, lectures and of course gasques. Each one of these occasions is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with other alumni and network with new friends. 

Join us

Alumni, researchers, former staff, honorary doctors and other supporters of Uppsala University residing in Switzerland and Liechtenstein are invited to join the network.

Please join our group on the Alumni Network website in order to receive information and invitations to upcoming events.

Contact us

Feel free to email any questions you may have about the Switzerland Alumni Chapter or our activities.

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