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There is substantial and growing international interest in studying at Uppsala University, which is good for our educational environment and for the University as a whole. The University has a long-term ambition to increase the number of scholarships intended for international students. More scholarships will make the University more attractive internationally and international students in turn enrich the educational environment. Scholarships often play a crucial role in the students ability to study at the University. Your gift, regardless of size, has a direct impact on a young person's life and future and contributes to the development of the University.

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Please contact us for information on how to make a bank transfer.

Giving from the US

US tax payers can donate via American Friends of Uppsala University, AFUU, making donations tax deductible. American Friends of Uppsala University is tax/exempt as a charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donate here.

Meet former scholarship recipients

At Uppsala University, we are proud to boast a large and diverse body of alumni, whose positive contributions to society are being felt on a local, national and international scale. Here are a few of our recent scholarship recipients.

Last modified: 2022-06-20