Student Activities

Freestanding Courses

ENLIGHT offers a several courses that are interdisciplinary with a challenge based teaching methodology. In these courses students work in international teams to jointy adress societal challenges contributing with perspectives from their own academic background. Students practice competencies such as collaboration & leadership, international communication and different methodologies designed to create sollutions to presented challenges.

Check for available courses in the course catalogue on the European ENLIGHT web.

Each course has a so called "home university" which is responsible for the course. The ENLIGHT network is working on streamlining administrative processes, which includes annual application deadlines. If a course is marked as a course at Uppsala University, students who are already registered at Uppsala University have to apply for the course through or For courses that are hosted by other universities in ENLIGHT students at Uppsala University can apply through the application portal for student at Uppsala University for courses within ENLIGHT. 

Note that students who currently pay tuition fees to Uppsala University will either have to include courses through ENLIGHT as part of their study programme or pay the additional cost for extra study units outside of their study programme.

You can also e-mail for more information.

ENLIGHT Student Network

ENLIGHT highly values the participation of students in shaping all education based activities within the alliance. That is why the ENLIGHT Student Network (ESN) is always welcoming more students to join.

The ESN has a vote in all governing bodies in ENLIGHT and has the desciding vote, in case of a tie, at the Governing Board, the highest level of management. This serves to assure that the allians maintains focus on the vision and that activities are in line with the interests of the student body.

The ESN also manages its own activities and regularly presents reports and recommendations informing the development of ENLIGHT activities.

Learn more about the ESN and how you can be part of it on the European ENLIGHT website.

Challenge Database

ENLIGHT offers a databse of societal challenges identified by the alliance community collaboration partners. The challenges can be adressed from a number of different perspectives and inspiration for challenge based courses.

Students may also, in some cases, contact the hosting partner who presented the challenge with requests for internships or graduation thesis project at bachelor or master level. Should the duration of the internship or graduation project exceede 60 days students may apply for funding through the Erasmus Traineeship grant. Should you wish to make contact with an ENLIGHT external partner please contact

The Challenge Database is available on the European ENLIGHT web.

Last modified: 2023-03-06