Resebidrag: International Sociological Association (ISA), First ISA Forum of Sociology: Sociological Research and Public Deba...

Tidsperiod: 2008-09-05 till 2008-09-30

Projektledare: Azril Bacal

Finansiär: Forte

Bidragstyp: Internationellt samarbete

Sammanfattning (ISA, Barcelona, 5-7 September 2008)The main academic purpose and personal motivation, to attend and participate in the First ISA Forum of Sociology on “Sociological Research and Public Debate,” which takes place in Barcelona, Spain, during 5-8 September, 2008, is to personally honour and comply with the three main academic tasks assigned to me, within this important international research forum. Correspondingly, as documented in this application, I have been officially invited by Research Committee (RC-10) on “Participation, Organizational Democracy, and Self Management” of the International Sociological Association (ISA), to perform the following tasks:1) As Organizer and Chair of Session 2 of RC- 10 - "Participation, Self-Management, Democracy and their Challenge(r)s in an International Perspective"2) As Organizer and Chair of Joint Session 3 (RC-10) and Research Committee 36 - on Alienation Theory and Research) – "Reflections on the World Social Forum."3) As a Presenter in Joint Session 6 (with Research Committee 36 Alienation Theory and Research) on "Overcoming Alienation: Democratic Mobilizations in a Global Age." Whereby my own research paper to be presented at this session, is entitled "Decolonization of Ethnic Identity: Socioanalysis and Concientization in the Social Sciences."The target groups are constituted, firstly, by members of the two above mentioned research committies, jointly organizing the above sessions and, secondly, by all other participants who might be interested in the specified subjects addressed in these sessions. Based on previous experience at various similar international sociological conferences and meetings, we expect between 50 and 100 participants attending our planned sessions. Both the abstracts and papers will be published on line and also, hopefully, some of the papers in an ad-hoc publication, intending to be its guest-editor.