Resebidrag: Expert Meeting on Emotional Attention, University of Ghent (Belgium), Jan 26-28, 2011

Tidsperiod: 2010-12-01 till 2011-01-31

Projektledare: Carin Tillman Marciszko

Finansiär: Forte

Bidragstyp: Internationellt samarbete

The Expert Meeting on Emotional Attention at the University of Ghent (Belgium) is organized by Gilles Pourtois, Ernst Koster, and Rudi De Raedt, who are all leading scientists on the topic of emotion and attention, in general, and the neural underpinnings thereof, in particular. The general purpose of this meeting is to enhance the knowledge on emotional attention and to gather the latest innovative research findings of the expertise within this topic. The research that I will present at the meeting regards the behavioral and neural indices of the attention-related functions of detecting and resolving response conflict. In that I merge behavioral and neural data in my research, I believe that this work will contribute a great deal to this meeting. Importantly, my study indicates that commonly used event-related potential (ERP) indices of response conflict (the N200 and N450) may actually not be valid measures of these functions.This is a pilot study in a larger project experimentally investigating effects of emotional state on attentional control functions, as assessed by behavioral and ERP measures. In my presentation at the meeting, I will allude to this fact and also talk a little about this larger project, involving both emotion and attention processes.An important motive for me attending this meeting is that I just recently switched focus in my research from developmental cognitive psychology, to the specific topic of this conference – the relation between emotion and attention. This is one of the few scientific meetings that focuses entirely on the relation between emotion and attention. It therefore represents a unique opportunity for me to engage in recent research presented by some of the most prominent researchers in the field. Further, the small scale of the meeting will provide opportunities to discuss important issues with experts in the field.