Evil: The 21st conference of The European Society for Philosophy of Religion

Tidsperiod: 2015-11-01 till 2015-11-30

Projektledare: Ulf Zackariasson

Finansiär: Vetenskapsrådet

Bidragstyp: Internationellt samarbete

Budget: 61 000 SEK

Evil: The 21st Conference of the European Society for Philosophy of Religion will take place in Uppsala 2016-08-25 - 2016-08-28.The European Society for Philosophy of Religion is the largest society for philosophers of religion in Europe, and consists of five regional societies: German, Nordic/Baltic, East European, BeNeLux and Great Britain. The conference offers an excellent opportunity to improve international exchange between Swedish/Nordic researchers and other European researchers within philosophy of religion, theology and ethics.The increasing public visibility of religion and the growing recent academic interest in the plurality of religious and secular conceptions of evil call for a renewed study of evil. A first session concerns what this new plurality suggests for reflection on evil and communication between religions and traditions. A second session addresses the ambivalent historical and social roles of religions as both sources and remedies of evil, and what that ambivalence implies for social expectations that religion is and should be a positive social force. A third session asks which insights about evil we can gain from fiction, art and popular culture if we analyze them as forms of philosophical reflection in their own right, and not just passive representations of philosophical ideas. A fourth session revisits the classical question whether belief in a powerful and benevolent deity can be combined with acknowledgement of the persistence of evil.