I framkanten av (bio)kemin med den empiriska valensbindningsmetoden

Tidsperiod: 2015-11-01 till 2015-11-30

Projektledare: Lynn Kamerlin, Shina Ca Kamerlin, Shina Caroline Lynn Kamerlin

Finansiär: Vetenskapsrådet

Bidragstyp: Internationellt samarbete

Budget: 110 000 SEK

Conference name and location: Advancing the Frontiers of (Bio)Chemistry with Valence Bond Approaches. Uppsala University, Sweden.Time for the conference (year-month-day): 2016/06/22-24Justification of the conference: The empirical valence bond (EVB) approach is a powerful tool for studying (bio)molecular reactions, and for enzyme design applications. Since its development in the 1980s, EVB has seen increasing popularity, and is now being routinely used by leading researchers working in a range of disciplines from physical chemistry to chemical biology. Despite its increasing popularity, expertise in this approach, and in VB-based methods in general, is limited in the Nordic countries. Therefore, the purpose of this conference is to bring the world-leaders in this field to Sweden for a 2.5 day scientific meeting, which will be open to the scientific community with no registration fee. We expect 100 participants, and will target researchers at all levels from doctoral students to professorial faculty. We will showcase how the EVB approach can help address key open questions in areas of biochemistry, physical chemistry and chemical physics, as well as introduce the EVB approach to a broader Nordic audience.