Biblia Arabica: Arabiska bibelöversättningar och relaterade texter bland judar, kristna och muslimer

Tidsperiod: 2015-11-01 till 2015-11-30

Projektledare: Mats Eskhult

Finansiär: Vetenskapsrådet

Bidragstyp: Internationellt samarbete

Budget: 190 000 SEK

The conference Biblia Arabica: The Arabic Bible and related texts among Jews, Christians and Muslims will take place in Uppsala in March 29-April 1, 2016. The aim of the conference is to foster an interest in mediaeval texts produced by and for Arabic-speaking Jews and Christians in the Near East, and in the reactions to these texts in the dominant Muslim milieu. The primary object of study are the processes of translation, reception, and transmission of Arabic Bible texts which are key texts for both Jews and Christians that were also used by Muslim intelligentsia and thereby incorporated into the Islamic heritage. Among the topics to be studied, are developments discerned in texts transmitted from one denomination to another and the alterations made in them with an eye to religious dialogue and polemics. Since many Bible translations circulated among different religious groups this scholarly field is highly interdisciplinary and opens up avenues for collaboration between the fields of religious studies, literature, philology, etc. The conference will provide a platform for established international and Swedish scholars to meet, present their works, create networks, and plan for future projects in this hitherto rather neglected scholarly field. The conference will be executed in collaboration with the DFG-funded Biblia Arabica project located at Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich and at Tel Aviv University. A selection of the papers presented will be published (Brill).