Research school at Uppsala Diabetes Centre

Uppsala Diabetes Centre will offer highly specialised courses within four method platforms. These courses will include both the latest theoretical developments as well as practical laboratory elements and computer exercises. Teachers and instructors will be both national and international. All courses will be open to external students with an interest in diabetes.

The platforms are:

  • Detection
  • Calculation methods (data-mining)
  • Model systems
  • Qualitative research methods and interventions

The PhD students will belong to one of four focus areas where they, together with the supervisors, are expected to take responsibility for the activities.

The focus areas are:

  • The individual, society and diabetes
  • Islet physiology and regeneration
  • Metabolism and complications
  • Immunology, infections and host-microbe.

A basic introductory course is offered with the objectives:

  • To understand diabetes from a hundred-year perspective.
  • Be able to account for the diabetes situation globally in general (incidence,  prevalence) and discuss differences and similarities in preventive methods in different contexts.
  • Be able to explain the basic pillars in biology, pathology and treatment of type 1,  type 2 and gestational diabetes.
  • Know the Swedish National Diabetes Register (NDR) and other national health and quality registers.
  • Be able to account for the basics of medical imaging methods and how these can be applied in diabetes research and diagnostics.
  • Be able to discuss which of the current animal models are suitable for various issues in diabetes.
  • Describe the social, economic and environmental societal challenges we face regarding diabetes.
Last modified: 2021-12-20