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Research and conversation - Uppsala's researchers untie the blue knot

Meet researchers and families with diabetes.

1 October, 14:00–16:00
Location: Humanistiska teatern, Uppsala

Lecturer: Joey Lau Börjesson, Per-Ola Carlsson, Daniel Espes, Olle Korsgren, Erik Grönqvist samt "teenagers Otto and Ella". Moderator: Tove Fall.
Organisers: Uppsala diabetescentrum och Barndiabetesfondens Lokalförening i Uppsala.

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Dogs, humans and diabetes

In the years 2021–2023, the centenary of the discovery of insulin, the first therapeutic use, and the Nobel Prize for these achievements is celebrated. To draw attention to the importance of diabetes, both historically and in the present, in this interdisciplinary symposium we focus on the dog’s central role for the scientific understanding as well as the management of diabetes.

The symposium is organised by Uppsala Diabetes Centre, Centre for medical humanities and U-Share.

Humanistiska teatern, 12 October, 12.30-18.00

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