Dogs, humans and diabetes

12 October 12.30–18.00

Humanistiska teatern, Engelska parkenKvinna med hund i höstlandskap

In the years 2021–2023, the centenary of the discovery of insulin, the first therapeutic use, and the Nobel Prize for these achievements is celebrated. To draw attention to the importance of diabetes, both historically and in the present, in this interdisciplinary symposium we focus on the dog’s central role for the scientific understanding as well as the management of diabetes.

The symposium is organised by Uppsala Diabetes Centre, Centre for medical humanities and U-Share.
Moderator: Steve McKeever, Uppsala University


12:30–12:45 – Introduction 
Per-Ola Carlsson, Uppsala Diabetes Centre
Ylva Söderfeldt, Centre for medical humanities
Reneé Båge, U-Share

12:45–13:45 – Diabetic Alert Dogs: Following the Fabrication of A Nose
Professor Hélène Mialet, philosopher and anthropologist in Science and Technology Studies at York University, Toronto

13:45–14:00 Break

14:00–15:00 – Animals for Life – How Dogs, Rabbits and Mudfish Shaped the Knowledge of Diabetes and its Therapy, 1850-1970
Dr. Oliver Falk, historian and research associate at the Institute for the History of Medicine and Ethics in Medicine at Charité Berlin

15:00–15:30 Coffee and cake

15:30–16:30 – When the Dog Becomes a Patient – How to Treat Dogs with Diabetes and How it Affects the Family
Dr. Jeanette Hanson, DVM, PhD, EBVS® European Veterinary Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine and SLU and University Animal Hospital

16:30–17:30 – The Diabetes Dog – a Life Savior
Yrsa Franzén-Görnerup, Svenska Service- och Signalhundsförbundet, and Jenny Wiksten with her assistance dog Texas

17:30–17:45 Summary of the day

17:45–  Mingle with refreshments

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The symposium is open to everyone interested. We encourage that you register to attend, which includes a lunch sandwich before the first session, at 12.00, and coffe and cake during the break. There is also a possibility to drop in on a first come-first served basis.

Registration deadline is 5 October 2022. Please use this link to register:

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