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  • Startdatum: 2021-01-01
  • Finansiär: Schmidt Science Foundation


2021 Schmidt Science Fellows

Projekttitel: Energy Transition and the Modernization of the Electric Grid
Huvudsökande: Elisabetta Perotti, avdelningen för kärnfysik

My project investigates how to facilitate the integration of variable renewable sources into the electric grid. Besides an expanded capacity for energy storage, a network of smart devices capable of receiving commands and sharing information on the status of the energy system is essential to improve the energy management. My research goal is to model and simulate a self-driving grid, able to autonomously control and optimize both the production and distribution of electricity, depending on changes in the consumer demand. The grid prototype has to integrate a variety of energy resources and account for the stochastic nature of the renewable ones.

The topic of renewable energy poses itself as a formidable candidate for the Schmidt fellowship since it bridges between natural sciences, technology, innovation and the imminent need for a more sustainable society. To carry out my research project I will make use of a combination of math, physics and computer science. In particular big data analytics and machine learning are promising tools within the research framework of the electric grid modernization.

A crucial requirement in order to be selected for the fellowship is to undertake an interdisciplinary pivot in the field of research. I have a PhD in nuclear physics, more precisely in theoretical hadron physics, and soon I will be focusing on the field of renewable energy. This fellowship will give me the possibility to learn from and collaborate with the leader scientists in the field. One should not be afraid to think big and learn from a different science community. I know that I can count on the skills that I have developed during my PhD years here in Uppsala, and I am ready for a new challenge!

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