A quick guide for the Systematic Biology PhD student

Last revision: 2018-10-25

Mandatory courses

  • Introduction to postgraduate studies (3hp)
  • Ethics course (2 hp)
  • Academic Teacher Training Course (7.5 hp)

You need at least 40 credits (hp) in the end!

You can also get credits from Journal clubs, book clubs, and courses. You can start your own Journal and book clubs if you want.

Every year:

  • You have to sign your contract
  • You have to revise your Study Plan and have it signed by your supervisor, co-supervisor, Head of the program (Sandie) and Director of Studies (Johan Ledin)
  • You can get credits from going to conference, maximum 6hp. (see PhD course credits)
  • You can claim money (2000 sek) for health things (like your gym, or acupuncture, etc) before the beginning of December (check the date!)
    This is done in Primula Webb (see the instructions)

Keep in mind:

  • Get at least one credit from four out of five topics of the Systematic Biology PhD student curriculum
  • You can get money from the department for one course or conference of your choice (once in your whole PhD)
  • Join a Student Nation if you want! (Smålands is the best choice because of the PhD student grants)
  • If you join any of the Administrative Boards you get time back for your PhD (double check)

Grants and scholarship

  • You can get money from stipends affiliated to the University in www.uu.se/stipendier (deadlines November 15th and April 15th)
  • Whenever you get money that will stay in the university (and therefore you pay overhead), you have to send the proposal to Karin Lundberg for archiving.

Teaching and Student stuff

  • You can teach up to 20% (this might include administrative stuff). You can check how much hours you are teaching in this link (This is an internal link accessible internet ethernet, not accessible via the wireless network).
  • The website of the university that you care about is Studentportalen:
  • You have two accounts: one as student, and one as a teacher.
  • If you login as a student, you can check your courses registered in Ladok (a computer-based study documentation system)
  • When you’re a teaching assistant for a course, you should get access to the course in Studentportalen as teacher. Petra can add you to the system and the course instructor can add you to the course. However, often you have to add yourself as a teacher to appear officially in the course website.
  • Message from Petra: If you want an introduction to the teaching at Uppsala (organisation or other things), or get help with the pedagogics or just want to talk about teaching or if you feel scared about it or… – talk to me!
  • Looking for a map to the University buildings and rooms? Use MazeMap, more information here.
  • Do you want to have a Bachelors student? Start by checking (version in English is not good): www.ibg.uu.se/student/examensarbeten/
  • The website as staff of the university is Medarbetaringången:
  • You can check stuff about your salary, holidays, parental leave, etc in Primula Web (accessible also from Medarbetarportalen)
  • Who does what on IBG: http://www.ibg.uu.se/om-oss/vem-gor-vad/

Extra tips

Start of the PhD

  • Sign your contract
  • Take the Introduction to postgraduate studies
  • Work your way through the list of people to visit that you get from Karin Lundberg. It will get you in contact with lots of people involved in the department and its organization. This will help them to help you feel welcome

Before the half time seminar

  • Take the Ethics course
  • Start working on a “kappa” and if possible two manuscripts

PhD graduation

This is not compulsory but recommended. You will get to see different colours, formats, get inspired and be aware of certain things that you need to do to make sure your thesis looks perfect.

  • Book room for dissertation (do this well in advance) by sending an email to: lokalschema@ibg.uu.se - this is if you want to book the student party hall from EBC (which seems to be for free)
  • Book room for party by sending an email to: stefan.gunnarsson@ebc.uu.se

How to get a Student account (last checked: 2017.10.27)

  1. Go to studentportalen, not logged in.
  2. Select "Activate your Student Account" from the left side of the screen.
  3. Select "Joint Web Login"
  4. Enter your regular UU employee account name and password (3 letters of first name, 2 letters of last name, 3 numbers)
  5. Now you will go to an account administration page, select "Activate student account"
  6. You will get a new student user name (2 letters of first name, 2 letters of last name, 4 numbers)
  7. Fill in the form with a new password etc.
  8. Log out, then log in to studentportalen using the new account name and password.
  9. Select "My Studies" from the top menu
  10. Select "Completed Courses - third level" from the menu on the left.​​

How to set Stadium to English (last checked: 2018.06.12)

  1. Go to studium.uu.se
  2. Log in
  3. Click on your name in the top right corner
  4. Click on ”inställningar”
  5. Choose ”personuppgifter”
  6. Click on ”ändra personliga inställningar”
  7. Below "Användarens språkpaket” choose ”English (United States)"

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