Daniel Schacter: "Memory, Imagination, and Creativity: A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective"

  • Datum: 31 maj 2024, kl. 14.15–16.00
  • Plats: Zoom (kontakta Mattias Forsgren för länk)
  • Typ: Seminarium
  • Föreläsare: Daniel Schacter, Department of Psychology, Harvard University
  • Arrangör: Institutionen för Psykologi, Avdelningen för perceptions- och kognitionspsykologi
  • Kontaktperson: Mattias Forsgren

Growing scientific interest in the relations among memory, imagination, and creativity has been sparked by the observation of striking similarities in the brain regions recruited when people remember past experiences and imagine future experiences. My colleagues and I have put forth the constructive episodic simulation hypothesis, which proposes that simulation of future and other hypothetical experiences depends in part on episodic memory retrieval processes that allow individuals to flexibly recombine elements of previous experiences. We have provided evidence in support of this idea, and we have also implicated the same flexible retrieval processes in aspects of creative thinking. However, these flexible retrieval processes are also responsible for some memory errors. This talk will consider cognitive and neural evidence from studies of episodic remembering, future imagining, memory distortion, and creative thinking that reveal the operation of constructive episodic retrieval processes, and that provide clues concerning their nature and function.

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