Academic Background of Registered Students in Percentages:

Figure 1. Our students´ Bachelor degree background throughout the years. There are students with engineering, economic, environmental studies, and planning backgrounds. The percentage for each background varies from year to year. For example: year 2020-2021 we had 35 students. 63 percent of them had an engineering background, 11 percent had economic background, 9 percent environmental, and 17 percent planning background.

Students´ Country of Origin:

Figure 2 Students country of origin by percentage: Germany: 10 percent; Greece, Sweden, turkey: 7 percent each; Ireland, UK, USA: 5 percent each; Finland, Iran, the Netherlands, Spain: 4 percent each; India, Pakistan: 3 percent each; Canada, Egypt, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Serbia: 2 percent each; Other countries: 21 percent.

Students´ Distribution Per Continent:

Figure 3 Students´ Distribution Per Continent: Europe: 65 percent; Asia: 18 percent; Americas: 9 percent; Africa: 7 percent; Oceania: 1 percent

See statistic about our former students.

Last modified: 2021-12-17