Campus management

Postal address Intendenturen Lagerträdet
Norbyvägen 18D
752 36 UPPSALA
EBC Geocentrum
Visiting addres Norbyvägen 14
(Reception, Intendent)
Villavägen 16
Leveransadress Kåbovägen 4a
752  36 UPPSALA
Fångvallsgatan 8
752 37 UPPSALA

About the Campus management

The campus management Lagerträdet is active at both Geocentrum and EBC and supports institutions, the Evolution museum and other units within the area. We are divided into two areas:

Technical service is lead by the deputy campus manager and takes care of all the technical cases, problems and assignments.
Reception and security is lead by the campus manager and handles questions and matters concerning information and security.

The campus manager is Anders Jansson. Assistant manager is Johan Fransson.

The campus management function

The campus management recieves the basic assignment from the principal, area committee and the board for campus managements. The assignment is to coordinate tasks that every institution otherwise would have to handle separately. We also do tasks ordered directly from the insitutions as a special assignment. Since the assignments can change, we have to be prepared to change our working methods.

The assignments are divided into three areas; "administration and contacts", "technical service" and "information and security". A complete list is available as an appendix, here it's presented in general terms. The campus management handles tasks that is a shared responsibility and do things that can affect several areas and work groups at the same time. The most important thing is that everything we have committed us to will be done.

The campus management has no self-interest, we are a service organisation that will work based on the given assignments and try to do it as cost-effective as possible. This means that collaboration and preventive work are important parts in our assignment. We must provice good support to everyone working or studying at the campus, but also contribute to the university activities and operations as a whole.

Last modified: 2023-04-25