Documents from the Campus Management

Booking of the mobile video conferencing equipment Instructions for booking the mobile video conferencing equipment
Guidelines for hazardous waste Guidelines for hazardous waste at EBC
Lagerträdet's documentation collection Collection of documentations with protocols, plans for the organisation etc. 
Mailing forms för packages Find your organisation's form, fill in and leave in the mail room along with the package
Mail and packages Detailed information about mail handling at Lagerträdet
Mail and packages - routines Routines, valid from the autumn of 2022
Routines for deliveries with hazardous goods Local routines for deliveries with dangerous/hazardous goods

Floor plans
All floor plans A collection of all the available floor plans of Lagerträdet
EBC - Hus 5 Floor 0-3
EBC - Hus 7 Floor K1-0
EBC - Hus 7 Floor 1-2
EBC - Hus 17 Floor K-1
EBC - Hus 18 Floor 0-1
EBC - Hus 20 Floor K-1
Geocentrum Floor 1-3

Door signs for offices - for employees
EBC Fill in our name and department [Swe: "Avdelning"]

Select the sign that meets your needs.

Fill in the fields in the following order:

  • Program (on top, under "Institutionen för Geovetenskaper")
  • Name
  • Title
  • E-mail address
Last modified: 2022-12-09