Parking at the university

Since the turn of the year, the regular fee is charged for parking.

Employees and students at the university have access to parking tickets with "Taxa 2" (Tariff 2). It can be redeemed in the parking machines or via the MobilPark app.

The easiest way to get parking with Taxa 2 is to install the MobilPark app on your smartphone. See further information below.
The parking machines are being replaced, at the same time the number of machines at EBC is reduced so that only one remains. Instructions on how to get Taxa 2 in the new parking machines can be found further down the page.

Some of the university's car parks also require a special permit ("Särkilt tillstånd"). Even cars with a valid ticket but without a permit will receive parking fines at these parkings.

Parking machine with the new card reader
The new card reader on the parking machines

Taxa 2 in the parking app

Get the app MobilPark to your smartphone.

Image from the parking app: Shows address and selected zone code.
Find the adress/zone code ("zonkod") in the app.
EBC: Norbyvägen 14-22
Geocentrum: Villavägen 14-20
Zone code: 2020

Picture from the parking app: Taxa 2 (Tariff 2) selected.

Choose "UU Taxa 2".

Picture from the parking app: Login with university account

Log in with your univsersity account/AKKA account.

Picture from the parking app: Unlocked Taxa 2 (Tariff 2)

Done! You can now use "Taxa 2" when you're parking at the university car parkings.



We apologize that the manuals are only available in swedish.
Taxa 2 (pdf, sv)
Instruction manual for MobilPark (sv)

The parking machines

If you want "Taxa 2", please begin by holding your access card next to the card reader.

The new card reader on the parking machines

Do not press START as long as the screen says "Taxa 2: Håll upp ditt passerkort/Show your access card."

Start screen on the parking machines

Press "START" on the screen when the read header says "Taxa 2" to accept the terms and begin the purchase.

Screen on the parking machine: Taxa 2 (Tariff 2) selected

Choose an amount or for how long you want to park.

Parking machine screen: Select the amount or for how long you want to park

Write the correct registration number.

Screen on the parking meter: Enter the registration number on the car

You only get a digital parking ticket. If you want a receipt, choose SMS or email.

Screen on the parking meter: Choose how and if you want a receipt

Last modified: 2022-02-07