The reception

The reception is located in the main building at EBC, Norbyvägen 14 (mazemap-link) and can provide service to students, employees and visitors at EBC and Geocentrum.

Opening hours: Weekdays 09.00 - 15.00

Phone number: 018-471 2650

Service IN THE Reception

  • Help with directions on EBC and Geocentrum
  • Printing onetime passcodes for activation of accounts
  • Printing campus cards
  • Helping visitors find or get in touch with employees
  • Sign out keys to employees
  • Any questions related to locks and alarms on EBC and Geocentrum
  • Bookings for student associations and external bookers

Access to the Campus

Both students and employees need a campus card. You need the card to unlock doors, to print through Eduprint and to get the cheaper rate (taxa 2) when you park. Also, the campus card must be presented if it's requested or you may be dismissed from the area.

The reception prints your campus card. When you're coming to get the card, remember to bring a valid ID card or passport. Read more about campus card on the university home page.

If an employee has forgotten the campus card at home, the reception can provide a temporary card that can be picked up at EBC or Geocentrum.

Our classrooms are locked in a bistable mode, read more about this here.

Lost and found

Lost items at EBC are stored in the reception. If you've lost something, come and visit the reception or send an e-mail to

Lost items at Geocentrum are found at the Campus management.

Access to the offices

Emplyees at EBC and Geocentrum can recieve keys for offices and labs at the reception.

Returning the keys

When your time with us has come to an end, remember to return the key to the campus management. You can return keys and campus cards at EBC and Geocentrum.

​If the reception at EBC is unmanned, please leave the key/keys and campus card in the mailbox on the door.

Keys and campus cards can be left in the tube by the campus management.
The tube is only for cards and keys, no envelopes or notes.

Last modified: 2021-10-26