Rooms at Lagerträdet

Seating in a lecture hall

There are a number of different lecture halls, classrooms and group rooms within Lagerträdet. 

Type EBC Geocentrum
Lecture halls Ekmansalen
Axel Hamberg
Classrooms Lärosal 1-3
Lärosal 4-6
Norrland I
Norrland II

Group rooms at EBC are mainly located around classrooms 4-6 in House 18 (entrance 18C). There are 7 group rooms for students at Geocentrum, more information about these can be found on Timeedit.

Alarms and security

Remember to not let strangers into the area as thefts have been reported.

The area has alarms, both on doors and windows. Therefore, please remember to not keep doors open for too long or open any windows. Not all alarms are loud, there are also silent alarms sent to the campus management and/or campus guards.

Remember to close all doors and windows to maintain a high level of security on campus and avoid emergency calls to guards.

Access to lecture halls and classrooms

Only employees and lecturers have access to the lecture halls and classrooms.
Lecturers who are not employed by Lagerträdet may need to be granted access to their campus cards. Contact the reception for assistance.

When teaching, the lecturers can unlock the doors with their access cards. The doors remains unlocked until the lecturers locks the doors by holding up their access cards in front of the card reader a second time. This is called bistable mode, read more about it here.

Students can not unlock the doors to lecture halls and classrooms.


The lecture halls

There is equipment for video conferencing, such as cameras and microphones, in the lecture halls. When video conferencing, remember to always speak into a microphone as the halls do not have room microphones.


The classrooms are equipped with projectors for teaching and meetings on site. If there is a need for equipment for video conferencing at EBC, the mobile equipment can be booked at equipment reservation on Timeedit.

Removable wall between classrooms 4 & 5

The wall between classrooms 4 and 5 can be opened if a larger room is needed. This is done by technical service and needs booking of technicians. Book a technician at:


Lecture halls and classrooms

During the day, priority is given to teaching from institutions that belong to Lagerträdet. If the halls are vacant, other institutions can book the halls for teaching.

On evenings and weekends, the halls can be booked by student associations belonging to Lagerträdet and external bookers. All bookings must first be approved by Lagerträdet's campus manager. Inquiries and other questions are sent at least 3 weeks before the desired booking date to:


On weekdays, the premises can be booked after 5 pm by employees and student associations belonging to Lagerträdet. During weekends, the room can be booked at times when classrooms 4-6 are not booked for teaching. Bookings must first be approved by Lagerträdet's campus manager. Inquiries and other questions are sent at least 3 weeks before the desired booking date to:

Group room

At EBC, there are group rooms mainly near classrooms 4-6 in House 18 (entrance 18C). At present, these group rooms cannot be booked.

Geocentrum has 7 group rooms. More information about these and booking can be found on Timeedit.

Conference rooms

All conference rooms at EBC can be booked via  Timeedit.

At Geocentrum, meeting rooms can be booked via Timeedit.


The mobile video conferencing equipment can be booked by employees at Lagerträdet via Timeedit. The equipment must always be booked before use. If the room where the equipment is going to be used is noted in the booking, the equipment is moved by the campus management's technicians. More information on how to book the equipment can be found here.

If you need assistance with starting a video conference, this can be booked with the technical service. Book via no later than one week in advance.

There is a movable wall between classrooms 4 and 5. If you have booked both classrooms and want to open the wall to get a larger room, contact technical service for assistance. Get in touch via no later than one week in advance.

Last modified: 2023-04-11