Measures in response to spread of the corona virus

17 mars 2020

Uppsala University has today decided on a number of measures at the University to reduce the spread of the corona virus.

It is hereby decided that the following applies at Uppsala University: 

  • Uppsala University will switch to distance teaching and assessment from 18 March 2020 onwards. 
  • Departures from course and programme syllabuses will be allowed as regards the modes of assessing student performance and teaching to enable remote delivery, in cases where this is possible without compromising the quality of education. Decisions on departures from the syllabus will be made by the body or person that approved the course or programme syllabus concerned. 
  • Staff and students must without exception stay at home if they have the slightest symptoms of a cold or influenza. 

This decision enters into force immediately.

Background This decision has been taken in view of the spread of COVID-19 disease (coronavirus SARS-CoV-2). This decision supersedes previous decisions associated with the spread of COVID-19 disease.

Decision of 2020-03-17