UIL researchers receive funding from Handelsbanken


UIL's researchers have received funding from Handelsbanken for the project Can close contact with natives promote immigrants' social and economic integration? Large-scale experimental evidence from an NGO-led program in Sweden.

Mounir Karadja, Akib Khan and Olle Hammar are the researchers behind the project, which takes place in collaboration with the non-profit organization Nya Kompisbyrån.

The study will include about 3,000 people who are recruited via Nya Kompisbyrån's website. When participants register for matching, they are also asked if they want to participate in the research project. The participants are matched based on common interests, gender and age in order to increase the chances of a meaningful meeting. The purpose is to measure the effects for the participants in terms of jobs, social relationships, values ​​and housing.

The participants consist of three groups: one third are new Swedes, one third are established Swedes and one third are a control group. For 12 months, each individual will be able to answer questionnaires about their situation. The collection of data is expected to take about three years, with the hope of being able to present partial results after a little more than a year.

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Last modified: 2021-10-08