Immigrants returns to host country labor market experience

What is the aim of the research project?

Economic theory points to experience as a central component for understanding individual labor market outcomes, capturing e.g. human capital accumulation through on-the-job training but possibly reflecting also other mechanisms.

Wage/earnings equations including measures of education and experience are a standard tool in empirical labor economics, used in many versions and in a vast number of applications.

Labor market experience, or lack thereof, is also a recurring theme in the debate on the economic integration of immigrants. Yet, despite its fundamental role in the functioning of the labor market and the potential importance for one of the most pressing societal issues, our knowledge on the returns to actual host country labor market experience for the foreign-born remains limited.

This project aims at gaining new insights on long-term developments in the labor market, patterns affecting the current situation and factors for improving the future labor market outcomes of marginalized groups.

Research team

Olof Åslund

Mattias Engdahl

Zeynep Atabay